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How To Choose The Correct Colour For Your Sexy Shoes

Did you know that the colour of your shoes can have an amazing effect on your outfit if they are well co-ordinated with the colour of your clothes?

Here's a few examples.

Black is the classic or standard look for sexy high heels. If you aren't sure what colour to wear black high heels are usually a safe bet as they will co-ordinate with most colours. Black leather high heels or black stilettos can be a real turn on for your partner.

So you will never have a problem in matching black high heels to your outfit because of their flexibility to mix and match with any outfit for any occasion. Black is also the colour of intellectualism, of abstinence, of discipline.

Never underestimate the amazing sex appeal of a red high heel shoes! The colour red represents life and fertility, but it's also associated with danger and death. More importantly Red is the colour for passion and rage, love and war, also religious ceremonies.

Red stilettos are the ultimate in sexy shoes!

Red high heels shoe symbolizes bold, passionate, strong and intense.  But if you do decide to wear red high heel shoe, be very careful with selection of your outfit. Ideally you should choose a red dress or skirt or failing that have a red motif and wear it at night time.

White high heel shoe are sexy, plain and simple and this is defintely a colour that makes you look and feel younger!

White high heel shoes always catch the eye first, they become the first thing you notice about a woman. It is usually accepted that they should not be worn with dark bottoms or they may look rather cold, stark and out of place. Ideally choose a white or any light color oufit. White high heels or ideal in the summer or during the day.

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