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Romanian Tourism Minister gives high heels to flood victims

14th July 2010

14th July 2010

Elena Udrea Romanian Tourism Minister

The Romanian Tourism Minister, Elena Udrea, has been widely criticised for handing out high heeled shoes to female flood victims.  

Udrea, who once famously posed in a bikini for a glossy magazine, said the shoes would cheer up the women.

She arrived in the flood stricken town of Saucesti with boxes of black high heeled shoes. She told the women "We have beautiful shoes for you". Writing on her blog she said the shoes were part of 20 tons of aid that had been taken to the flood region.

"Young women in Saucesti appreciate the chance to be sexy and elegant and to not have to wear wellington boots any more" she said.

One not so grateful local said "I'd like to see her try walking over a mud filled road in high heeled shoes". 

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