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Tips and advice on how to look and feel good in high heels

Sexy Celebs like Madonna look good in High Heels

Wearing high heels and stilettos does not only make you taller, it also makes you feel confident and sexy. All you need to pay attention to is walking with extra care. Here some reasons why wearing high heels make you feel so good.

If you are not careful wearing high heels can be a painful experience. Despite this, virtually no woman can resist the call of a sexy pair of stiletto heels. Although high heels may be responsible for some foot problems, there is no denying that wearing high heels can make you look fantastic and here's why.

High Heels Give You Height

Both short and tall women just love wearing shoes with high heels. They help you feel good about yourself. Make sure that you choose the correct height of high heels because wearing high heels instantly adds 3 to 4 inches to your height. Immediately on par with your taller friends and you are able to reach items on high shelves that you could not get to earlier. In one way you could say that high heels uplift women. And this is not limited just to vertically challenged women. Even a woman with average height can enjoy the feeling of being a few inches taller than her normal height.

High Heels Make You Look Thinner

High heels and stilettos well known for making a person look thinner. When you wear a pair of high heeled shoes, it elongates the calf region of your leg. This gives the illusion of much longer legs, and consequently, even slimmer ones. This is why women who wear skinny jeans choose high heeled shoes. The jeans conform to the shape of the leg. Combined with high heels, the overall effect is a slimmer look much desired by many celebrities. This may vary depending on the height and style of heels that you wear. However, without a doubt high heels do make you look slimmer.

High Heels add Style and glamour

It's impossible to argue against because high heels and stilettos do make a man or woman look good. They add a touch of sheer class to a simple outfit like denim jeans and a plain tee shirt and turn it from a casual look to an outfit suitable for an night out. High Heels are also the best bet for short and full-length skirts, since they enhance the overall shape of the outfit. High heeled shoes are also essential in the workplace. For example, a pair of heels is a great complement to a good quality suit.

High Heels Make You Look and Feel Confident

High heeled shoes can be an excellent way to boost your self-esteem. High heels make a real difference to your body posture. The heels mainly cause the muscles in your calves to become more prominent. This in turn leads to an even balance in weight. As far as posture is concerned, this causes your chest and posterior to stick out, forcing you to pull your stomach in. This is the main principle of good posture. Having good posture makes you undoubtedly makes you appear more attractive to the opposite sex. This gives a great filip to your confidence and encourages you to become more outgoing.

High Heels & Stilettos don't cost the earth!

High heels are among the cheapest articles in a woman's wardrobe. A simple pair of high-heeled shoes from a small shoe shop will not break the bank. This does not mean all high heels and stilettos are cheap. A good pair of high heels from a famous brand like Jimmy Choo can set you back by thousands of pounds. The shoes that you purchase will largely depend on the occasion that you are planning wear them for and how much you are willing to pay for them.

Most women sit on the fence when it comes to high heels. They do not wish to wear them everyday and ruin their health and yet at the same time, they want to enjoy the wonderful benefits associated with them. At the end of the day, it comes down to individual choice.

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