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Shoes with Stiletto Heels can boost your sex life!

Celebs like Cheryl Cole love Stilettos

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that the sight of stiletto heels can drive a red blooded male wild!

But surprisingly wearing stiletto heels can also work wonders for a woman's sex life, a recent survey suggests.

High-heeled shoes tone your legs and strengthen your pelvic muscles, but they also "directly work the pleasure muscles which are linked to an orgasm", it is claimed.

In days gone by stiletto high heels have been blamed for various forms of joint pain but now it transpires that the pain might just be worth the gain.

Italian urologist Dr Maria Cerruto discovered that a pair of "moderately high heeled shoes" had amazing effects. "I love sexy high heels and stilettos in particualr and I wanted to find something positive about them," said Dr Cerruto, of the University of Verona.

"In the end the proof is conclusive. High heels influence and work the pelvic muscles and reduce the need to exercise them. We now hope to prove that wearing shoes with heels during normal daily activity can in fact reduce the need for the pelvic exercises necessary to keep that part of a woman's anatomy in shape."

The study involved 66 women under the age of 55. Dr Cerruto discovered that women who held their shoes at a 15-degree angle to the ground, the equivalent of a 2" heel, showed up to 15% less electrical activity in their pelvic muscles. This suggests that the muscles are more relaxed with higher heels, increasing their strength and ability to contract"

Dr Cerruto continued "Women sometimes have difficulty in carrying out the right exercises for the pelvic area and wearing heels could prove to be the answer. Like many women, I love high heela, and although they are occasionally uncomfortable I still wear them in an effort to appear more slender and taller and more sexy. It's great to know they have potential health benefits."

An official guide to better sex, provided by NHS Direct, advises women to become more aware of their pelvic floor muscles (pleasure muscles ) and advises them how to exercise them to aid sexual arousal.  The NHS advises women, especially after pregnancy, to do pelvic floor exercises up to 5 times a day.

Manolo Blahnik, the shoe designer who specialises in sexy high heeled shoes and stilettos said:

"This is fantastic news. I've been harassed for years about how bad it is for posture, but I never belived that. Until my Mother was 87 she was wearing high heels and she looked fantastic. She is my living example that high heels are good for you. When you put on a high heel it makes life more exciting. In the 80's it was all about power and money, but today it's changed, it's about style and elegance"

"If you are a woman, it's a unique way to appeal to the opposite sex. And it works! I know many men who tell me that high heels  saved their marriage. I think there is a limit, though. Anything over 5" is too much. You can't walk properly and it's no longer elegant."

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