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Lembit Opik’s girlfriend poses in just sexy high heels

9th August 2009

9th August 2009

What does a busty lingerie model do to keep her Lib Dem boyfriend head over heels for her? Pose nude in just her high heels of course!

Katie Green in sexy high heels

Lingerie model Katie Green stripped down to nothing but her sexy high heels for this new photoshoot - and she's sure eccentric Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik will appreciate the effort.

Katie, 21, revealed Lembit has a penchant for shoes and she's keen to indulge the weird 44-year-old when she next goes up to Wales to see him.



Katie Green in sexy high heels

She said: "I loved shooting these pictures only in sexy heels.

"Lembit used to own a shoe shop so he always notices what I've got on my feet and appreciates a good pair of shoes - it's always the first thing he comments on when we meet.

"I'm supposed to be going up to Wales soon to a charity ball with him - I think I'll have to pack lots of high heeled shoes for the trip!"



Katie Green in sexy high heels

Katie, who was once told to lose two stone by a modeling agency, stripped down to her stiletto high heels before dashing off to Malaga for a week's break in the sunshine.

As well as their ongoing relationship, Katie & Lembit have been working together, as they wage war on the fashion industry's fixation with size zeros - and we have to applaud Katie's efforts to get real size women under the spotlight

The unlikely duo are demanding any girl with an unhealthy BMI - which is usually below the 18 mark - shouldn't be allowed on catwalks.

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