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Madonna in Sexy High Heels

Madonna, or Madge as she doesn't like to be known, burst onto the music scene in 1984 with her hit song Like A Virgin and ever since then she has been entertaining and shocking us in equal measure.

Built her reputation around a series of sexy images and outfits. In particular her choice of sexy high heels could never be described as boring.

Nowadays she continues to work out and show us her bulging pecs and sexy legs, and sing a few pop songs as well!




Madonna in sexy stiletto heels

Stiletto heels and Madonna go together so well.

Her toned and sexy legs are beautifully accentuated in these classic sexy heels

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Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

Madonna in sexy ankle boots

In Madonna's early days, rather than just shocking us with sex, her style was quite distinctive and original.

This 'Trashy' / 'Grunge' look from the 80's including sexy ankle boots still looks good today

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Thigh Boots

Thigh Boots

Madonna in sexy thigh boots

This little number was taken from her 'I need to shock you' phase.

The Sexy Thigh Boots would not be the normal choice for an awards evening would they?

But Madge and sexy high heels do look fantastic!

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Sexy Shoes

Sexy Shoes

Madonna in sexy high heeled shoes

If you've got a great butt, there's no doubt that sexy high heeled shoes enhance the effect.  

The sexy black high heel shoes and matching crop pants with top highlight Madge's sexy legs.

Sexy heels as they should be worn!

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Gothic Boots

Gothic Boots

Madonna in sexy gothic boots

Madonna's Gothic phase was when she was trying to prove that she could still cut it with the young upstarts.

Hard to argue isn't it? She does still look good in these sexy Gothic Boots with just a glimpse of her gorgeous legs!

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Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes

Madonna in platform shoes

You would think in Gun toting good ol' USA these platform shoes would have gone down well.

But, probably as she intended, the public were outraged at Madonna's platform shoes incorporating a hand gun.

More column inches for Madge then!

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Sexy Sandals

Sexy Sandals

Madonna in sexy sandals

Just to prove that she doesn't always have to shock here is Madonna in a slinky evening outfit with classic sexy heels.

The salmon/peach dress and matching sexy high heeled sandals form a great combination.

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Knee Boots

Knee Boots

Madonna in sexy knee high boots

No-one does the Knee High Boots and Fishnet Tights thing better than Madonna.

Her long sexy legs give her the ideal physique for this look.

High heeled black leather boots will never go out of fashion!

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