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Sarah Jessica Parker talks about Sex & The City 2

Sarah Jessica Parker in sexy high heels

Sarah Jessica Parker, has become a worldwide name due to her role as writer Carrie Bradshaw in the seminal TV series Sex And The City. She admits to being nervous about the release of the big screen version out later this month

She's so flawless on screen that it's a reality check when Sarah Jessica Parker high-steps into the room like a just-tamed colt.

She's really tiny, thin as a six-year-old child with none of the screen's stardust glow.



Sarah Jessica Parker in sexy high heels

She's weirdly both Carrie and not Carrie - she has her enthusiastic voice and crazily toned sexy legs legs, barely supported on towering Brian Atwood high heels with long, loosely curled blond-brown hair.

In the movie she's a golden girl; today, on a gilt chair in a room overlooking Central Park, SJP looks like a normal middle aged mum, if skinnier, faint lines running round her eyes and along her forehead.

It's common knowledge that SJP wanted to make the movie straight after the series ended in February 2004, but Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha Jones, wasn’t so keen.

So what changed?  "Well, time passed," she says. "And I really wanted Kim to do this film . I didn't want to do it without her and it was important to me to get her back and to make her feel comfortable."

"I just thought that it was the right time, we couldn't let two more years pass, and there was an interesting story to tell, four years later," she remarks.


Sarah Jessica Parker in sexy high heels

Despite her recent confession on an American TV show that husband Matthew Broderick is "a complicated person" and they've had some "tough times", SJP still thinks they have a good marriage: "It's a real privilege to be part of”

The couple live in a Greenwich Village townhouse with their son James. "When I'm working we have the same nanny that James has had since he was four months old, this lovely lady named Myleena," she says, "and when I'm working she takes him to school, if Matthew can't"




Sarah Jessica Parker in sexy high heels

She nevertheless has made millions, not from the series (the girls were never paid that much), but from her top-selling perfumes, Lovely and Covet; Gap adverts; a deal with the cosmetics firm Garnier; a reputed £3.5 million fee for designing a clothing line, Bitten,  her position as the face of Lux soap, and now the new movie Sex & The City 2.




Sarah Jessica Parker in sexy high heels

Sarah Jessica maintains that she doesn't go to Fashion Week, because, "If I had that kind of time I would be with my son, and the fashion shows are so intimidating", and insists that she only shops twice a year. Today, for instance, she is in a grey Versace jacket, beige Halston dress and Fendi clutch - far less quirky than Carrie - "and none of it mine!" (Later, Kristin Davis wanders in in pointed black stiletto heels and shiny black coat - a conversely racy and un-Charlotte-like outfit.)

By now her PR is virtually tearing her hair out and brandishing her watch, so Sarah Jessica climbs gracefully on to her high heels.

"Thank you so much!" she cries and trips out of the room.


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