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Tips and Advice when trying on new shoes

How to choose your next pair of sexy shoes

Rules & tips for trying on shoes

For some people, trying on shoes is merely a chore, for others, it's great fun - but either way, there are a few rules you should follow when trying on new shoes. Be sure to check them out before your next trip to the shoe store.

Here's How:

  1. Feet swell over the course of the day, so to insure a proper fit, always try on shoes later in the day.
  2. Always try on BOTH shoes. Most people have a slight size variance from one foot to the other. Obviously, the larger of the two will dictate which size you actually buy.
  3. If you have your feet measured, be sure to stand up while doing so.
  4. Be sure to stand and walk a bit in any shoes you're considering. This is especially important when buying high heels and stiletto heels.
  5. Wear the socks, stockings or tights that you plan to  wear with the shoes you're considering.
  6. Never allow for a "breaking in" period. Shoes should be comfortable when you first wear them.
  7. Try on a variety of brands, styles and sizes. You might find shoes that are far more comfortable or stylish than what you're used to.
  8. If you have trouble finding shoes that fit properly, visit a full-service shoe shop, and have your feet professionally measured. A knowledgeable staff member may be able to recommend a specific style, brand or insert that will help accommodate your feet.
  9. If you actually ending buying a pair of shoes, choose the actual pair you tried on to be certain you're getting exactly what felt good.
  10. There should be just a small space between your heel and the heel of your shoe. Too much is bad, but the heel of the shoe should not be rubbing, or pressing into your skin.
  11. You should be able to move your toes freely in any shoes you're planning to buy. Shoes that constrict or pinch your toes will make you miserable fast, and can lead to painful, and more serious problems later on.
  12. Night clubbing, opt for a lower heeled shoe that you can dance safely in - or go to the club, wear high heels and don't dance!
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