Buying “Women’s shoes” used to be a daunting prospect for most men. But not anymore! 

In 2024 when society’s previously accepted boundaries have all begun to blur or disappear altogether what better team for a ‘person’ to express their true feelings about who they are?

Forget stereotypes and labels, men and women are both now living and dressing exactly as they want to, and they may or may not be what previous generations would have accepted!

So if you are a guy who wants to be bold and daring with your footwear, here’s a few suggestions about styles that you may wish to explore.

Ankle Boots

Forget Ankle Boots as practical and functional, this style of footwear is now a fashion statement.

Ankle Boots be they lace up, zip or slip on have a certain style that complements so many styles in your wardrobe.

It’s the material that really makes the difference and this will depend upon the situation that you have in mind. Suede or leather maybe for everyday wear but if you are looking for impact, then shiny patent leather is the must have option. Sexy, weather-proof and flexible – What’s not to like?!

Platform Shoes & Boots

The circle of life! Platforms seem to come in and out of fashion on a regular basis but forget nostalgia, because for sure they are in right now!

Choose from shoes, boots or sandals it doesn’t matter. It’s about the platform! Maybe start with a modest platform heel, but if you’re feeling brave, why not try a platform heel AND sole?

Forget the trainers, this is your time to hit the heights!

Court Shoes

For most men, who are new to this category of footwear, Court Shoes are the starting point.

Here’s one of the most popular choices, with just a 3” heel – Divine Court Shoe

Let’s be frank here, a guy who has never worn high heels is not going to start wearing 6” Stiletto’s is he? So, the Court Shoe is the ideal choice. Normally with a low block heel, so really easy to adjust to and wear all day long, not just the bedroom!

There’s a variety of colours available, red, white, nude, pink and of course black. So, something for every outfit in your wardrobe.


Here’s a timeless classic. It seems that Stilettos have been around forever, but they still look as good today as they always have. Hence for the person who wants to stand out from the crowd, it must be stilettos! Fashion never looked so good, and these shoes or boots are guaranteed to enhance absolutely any outfit.

Probably start with just a 3” or 4” heel and only wear them for an hour or 2. It’s essential to give your toes, arches and ankles some time to adjust to this exciting new footwear. But once you’re comfortable the world is your oyster. Clubbing, Shopping, Office, Bedroom, the list goes on, the Stiletto is great for all these situations and more.

Open Toe Sandals

Summer is just around the corner (honest!) so forget the espadrilles and flip flops, why not try a pair of Open Toe Sandals.

There’s a huge choice of sandals, peep toe and strappy are my favourite. But fluffy is a great option if you’re that way inclined! Light, airy and sassy, sandals are the perfect Spring and Summer footwear for everyone.

Click Here for the top selling and incredibly popular Peep Toe Slingbacks.

Knee Highs

If you’re looking for Autumn/Winter footwear, a comfortable yet stylish Knee-High Boot would be a great choice. Most have a side zip, so are really easy to put on and take off.

But if your calves are struggling to fit into these, try the lace up versions, they are far more forgiving and just as stylish.

In summary, it’s 2024 and forget everything you ever thought about footwear. Now is the time to be liberated and free. It’s time to be you!!