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High Heels History

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High heels also known as ‘high-heeled shoes’ are a style of shoe with a raised heel. These shoes were originally designed for men, whilst over time they came to be the domain of predominantly women.

In the modern day, we have come full circle and these shoes are once again regarded as unisex.

The style elevates the heel of the wearer much further off the ground than the wearer's sole. This can give the impression of visually elongating the wearer's legs and/or making the wearer appear much taller. Stiletto heels in particular will emphasise this effect.

High heeled shoes vary considerably in style, colour, materials and actual height and the wearing of them dates back to Ancient Egypt times. In Western civilisation in particular they have evolved as a significant item of fashion. At one stage in 17th century Europe, high heels worn by men, were regarded as a sign of social status but by the following century their appeal had spread to women as well.

Ironically as they became more commonplace for women, so they became less desirable for males. Consequently by the 20th century high heels came to represent a degree of femininity. It is only in the 21st century where heels have once again become socially acceptable for both sexes.

Men will typically choose a slightly lower or block heel, often known as ‘kitten heels’ whilst stiletto heels, predominantly for women but occasionally for men, have gone from strength to strength and can seen in various guises as a highly desirable fashion item as well as stripper and pole dance shoes.

Whilst these shoes were initially made of wood, modern technology means that high heeled shoes today can be made from a variety of materials including leather, suede, patent leather and plastic. Whilst the height of the heels themselves can vary from as low as 1” or 2” to as high as 6” or 7”.

High heel boots today can be either Knee boots or Thigh High Boots whichsoever is your preference.

On the downside wearing high heels is occasionally associated with a  risk of stumbling or falling and there are arguments that elevating the heel in this way may cause foot irregularities or even varicose veins. Although these claims are more suggested than actually proven.

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