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Why it's OK for men to wear high heels.

High heel shoes are sensual, sexy, gorgeous shoes, a symbol of sexuality and even of power, and it's easy to see why a man might enjoy slipping his feet into some strappy high heeled shoes.

For some men, wearing high heels is simply a natural progression from wearing stockings and other forms of lingerie. There is something about the feel of a pair of high heels as they slip on to the feet, not to mention the feeling a man gets when he wears heels, when he walks in them, that many men say is quite intoxicating. Other men have little interest in lingerie, but simply enjoy wearing women's shoes, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

For a long time, high heels and stiletto heels have been a clear symbol of feminine sexuality, and with the stunning sexy range of heels that are currently on the market, there's no reason why men shouldn't enjoy some fun too!

Some men have reported being even a little jealous of their female partners or friends who are able to wear sexy high heels in everyday situations, whereas they are compelled to keep their high heels for indoor use only.

The general consensus is that a pair of sexy high heels goes really well with a pair of stockings, tights or other lingerie, and if it is any consolation to those of you who are home bound high heel wearers, at least wearing them indoors saves your treasured shoes from becoming scuffed and faded.

A Few Reasons Why Men Look Great In Sexy High Heels.

1) Because of their tendency to have a lower body fat ratio, men often have legs that look absolutely stunning in high heels and stockings.

2) Heels also add a couple of extra inches of height, which can help a short man out, or turn a tall man into something truly imposing.

3) It may seem strange to describe a man dressed in lacey panties, stockings, and high heels in that fashion, but to my mind at least, there can be something about the feminine trappings of a man wearing lingerie and heels that actually accentuates his masculinity.

Whether it's for cross-dressing, transgender or transvestite reasons men wearing women's shoes can be great fun!