Sexy Shoes, High Heels, Stilettos and Boots for Women and Men in large sizes


Sexy Shoes

Sexy shoes are a girl's best friend (next to a diamond of course!) and here at we have a huge selection of sexy high heels and stilettos.


Stilettos are the sexiest shoes that money can buy without a doubt.  The word itself derives from the French meaning ‘dagger’ so why not put a dagger in your partner’s heart with sexy stiletto heels?

Knee Boots

If you love sexy knee boots you'll just love the selection that we have here! From PVC to PU to Leather we have something to suit all tastes.

Ankle Boots

Sexy Ankle boots can be worn with most outfits. They look great with a skirt or dress can also be worn with trousers.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are back in fashion! So we have a selection of platform heels and platform soles for you to choose from. We also stock both platform shoes and platform boots, so buy a pair now!


Mules are open toe sexy sandals which normally have an open back as well. Very sexy!


We have a huge range of sexy sandals for both women and men. Choose from three inch heels right up to seven inch heels.

Wide Fitting

Sexy shoes and high heels can often be very narrow so here at Sexy Shooz we have a range of wide fitting shoes that are all suitable for both men and women.


Sexy never goes out of fashion and Burlesque is a great example of a classic and sexy style. Going back to the halcyon days of pin up glamour, burlesque shoes will complete your retro outfit.

Large Sizes

Many of our high heeled shoes go up to a UK size 12 and even up to 13 – So perfect for men who are cross dressers or transgender or simply want to have some fun!

Small sizes

Buy your sexy shoes in a UK size 2 or 3 here.

Thigh Boots

For the brave ones among you why not try a pair of thigh boots or maybe if you are really bold a pair of crotch and chap boots might be suitable. Lace up or slip on means these boots will fit most leg shapes and sizes.

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